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Drawing and Painting

I've been drawing and painting since I was a little boy. I remember, when I was five or six, in Alaska, my mother cutting up paper bags for me to use, scrawling pictures.

It's been a casual hobby all my life, but in the past ten or fifteen years it's become more serious; more central. It started out with a simple idea, which I read in some forgotten magazine: keep a watercolor diary of your travels. It sounded like fun, more fun than taking snapshots, so over the years I've filled up a few notebooks with travel sketches.

Of course it's easy to get hooked. I play with oils and pastels as well as ink and watercolor, and even when I'm at home, I'll bike out and do landscapes. Once a week I go to a studio and draw and paint nudes, and I'm sure my wife believes that I spend several hours staring at naked women purely for the sake of art.

In June of '99 I had my first show, and actually sold a few paintings, so now I've graduated from "amateur artist" to "amateur artist who can deduct the cost of his supplies." The only annoying thing is that nobody bought pictures that I wanted to get RID of! They just bought the good ones. Just have to paint some more.

Anyhow, here are snapshots of some of my pictures.

 The Model Reacts to Her Picture -- ink and water color (sold)
 Jupiter and Io -- pastel (sold)
 Sphinx w/Balloon -- mixed media on rice paper (sold)
 Flying block -- watercolor and gouache (sold)

A couple of 20-25 minute nude sketches, ink and watercolor --

For a show in April 2003, I'm doing a series of fantastic abstracts. Here are a few of them --

 "Monster of all he surveys"
 "T. Rex is Toast"

Some travel diary stuff --

 Gila Cliff Dwellings N.M.

 Cedar Key during Bike Florida