Joe Haldeman

Hugo (Science Fiction Achievement Award)

• Best novel, THE FOREVER WAR (1976) and FOREVER PEACE (1998)

• Best novella, “The Hemingway Hoax” (1991)

• Best short story, “Tricentennial” (1977) and “None So Blind” (1995)

• Best novel, THE FOREVER WAR (1976) and FOREVER PEACE (1998)

• FOREVER PEACE also won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, given by academics and critics. It’s the first time a novel has won a “triple crown” like that since Pohl’s GATEWAY, 22 years ago

• Best novel, CAMOUFLAGE (2006)

• Best novella, “The Hemingway Hoax” (1990)

• Best short story, “Graves” (1993)

SFWA Grand Master 2011

World Fantasy Award

• Best short story, “Graves” (1993)



• James Tiptree Award for CAMOUFLAGE (2005)


“The Forever War” is a classic for a reason. The issues it has are so outweighed by its impact that any gripes seem inconsequential.

Joe Haldemen understood the heart of great scifi: how the intersection of technology and humanity effects the individual. That is the beating heart of this work.

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