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I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a little boy.


On 14 December 2001, Gay and I invited family and friends to view a partial eclipse of the setting sun.

Joe & Gay’s Excellent Adventure (Rusty’s, too).

Biking Across America on a Water Bottle and a Credit Card.

Opinions on some books.

Opinions on some movies.


Joe plays guitar.


Joe and Gay travel extensively, and usually Joe keeps a travel diary for major trips.


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Travel: Spain 1998

Madrid The flight over from Atlanta was crowded but uneventful. We got to Madrid at dawn. Poor Hector Ramos was waiting for us, early on this Sunday morning. He drove us to the Hotel Mediodia and were lucky enough to get a room...

Travel: Australia & New Zealand, 1999

Auckland -- 11 August Crossed the dateline, so this is actually the 10th, at home. Will get the day back in a month. Had an uneventful, if cramped and uncomfortable, eleven-hour flight from Los Angeles. We got to Auckland around 04:30 local time, and got held up by...

Travel: Ireland, 2000

Biking up to the Gap of Dunloe This is the past few weeks' entries -- 20-22 July (This is a trip that Rick Wilber does annually, to Scotland or Ireland, offering a college-credit writing workshop combined with a literary tour. It's co- sponsored, this year, by his...

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